January 17, 2019

Claims Analysis

Are you concerned that your projects are behind schedule, over budget, less than adequate resources, etc.?

With ACM’s extensive experience…

  • Recognize and resolve disputes early in the process;
  • Assess project documentation and issues’ related documents;
  • Analyze the strength and weaknesses of the disputed issues;
  • Provide objective findings and recommendations for how to proceed;
  • Assess a cost/benefit analysis and discussions with client counsel.


Professionals experienced with…..

  • Unraveling complex construction issues;
  • Presenting complex issues in simple and concise concepts;
  • Consistent and proven approach for both defense of and preparation of a construction claim;
  • Objective research before negotiations or proceedings begin;
  • Impact assessment on intermediate and contract completion dates; and
  • Calculating damages including loss of efficiencies, extended general conditions and overheads.


Arbitration, mediation, and litigation preparation includes:

  • Isolate and assess counter issues;
  • Determine the strengths and weaknesses of opposing position;
  • Prepare for the proceedings with same consistent approach and commitment;
  • Prepare and present the analytical process and supported conclusions in testimony;
  • Assist litigation management in planning strategies for the defense / preparation of client's position, case status, progress of expert witness efforts, and use of resources.
  • These efforts have proved helpful in multiple litigation proceedings.


Our record stands on the savings experienced by our clients.



"I just returned from the Court of Claims to handle the entry of the settlement Consent Judgment.  I wanted to write and tell ACM that I sincerely appreciate all of your hard work in this case.  Simply put, ACM produced world class work, often under trying circumstances, that was instrumental in the successful resolution of this case.  Again, thanks."  (Attorney, Butzel Long)

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