December 19, 2018

The Competitive Edge: Project Management (ANN ARBOR, MI)

The Competitive Edge: Project Management (ANN ARBOR, MI)

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In today's economy, to be more competitive and concerned with value and customer service, project management skills are essential to be a successful project manager and need to be understood by project stakeholders.  Applying project management skills gives you the competitive edge to bring projects in on time, within budget, and provide the quality to meet your client's expectations. 

This two-day course provides entry-level project managers and other project stakeholders with the key skills and knowledge of successful project management techniques including planning, organization, implementation, and controls. 

Attendees will be given insight into why, without project management, vital information is not always communicated to the person(s) who needs it in a timely manner; resources are wasted, schedules are not met, and costs exceed the budgeted amount.  Knowing and using project management skills provides the project manager with the ability to identify and focus on critical tasks and resource requirements to assure delivery of the resources at the right time.  The Critical Path Method (CPM) scheduling process will be presented and attendees will work through examples.  The competitive edge provides project managers better control of changes to the work scope and assessing their impact on budget, time, and quality.  This program includes discussion of communications, meetings, correspondence, and reports that are crucial to proper project management applications.  Fortifying the competitive edge is to have proper documentation that is a management tool and provides a road map to successful resolutions of disputes.  Techniques will be practiced through a series of group problems and participants can apply the information to their present projects. 


Each participant receives a comprehensive workbook prepared by ACM. 


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