January 17, 2019

Planning & Scheduling

Need to verify that your plan is adequate and complete to accomplish your project objectives?

Planning is necessary to avoid the consequences of crisis and conflict management of projects. It involves research, analysis, and communicating the results of planning. It is central to increasing motivation and successfully helping accomplish project goals.

ACM's professional expertise is in the application of the following:

  • Developing scope based documents with the project team to establish work activities, their relationships, and the resources required to complete them.
  • Developing precedence diagramming methods to prepare networks and computing schedules to identify the critical path.
  • CPM Scheduling is used to identify critical and near critical activities
  • Assessing cost and resource-loaded activities to provide a basis for cash flow analysis and resource requirements and allocations.
  • Performance measurements to assure project activities are accomplished to meet time and budget requirements.
  • Applying Work Breakdown Structures (WBS) to facilitate identification of the complete project scope.
  • WBS is used to associate activities in the plan and schedule with the scope definition.
  • Applying Organization Breakdown Structure (OBS) to facilitate association of the activities to the responsible individuals from work crews and first line supervision to management.

"ACM's professionalism and passion has never wavered even in some of the most of heated discussions and our expectations.  ACM is always welcome to assist our group in the future."  (Project Leader, A Municipal Utility)

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