Construction Claims: Contract Changes, Construction Delays, Claims Awareness – 3 Day

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This three-day course focuses on construction delays and related issues/analysis.  A review of contemporary construction claims shows that delay and the resulting time extension are among the most costly and complex issues to resolve. Delays are difficult to analyze because they often involve the impact on schedules of disputed issues such as late approvals, the impact of changed work on unchanged work, and constructive changes. This course explains these and many related issues plus typical contract clauses and their importance. Key issues and examples are discussed with a focus on how alleged impact delays are analyzed plus the impact to the critical path.

Typical schedule submittal requirements which address the contractor’s right to finish early, the manipulation of schedule activities, and how non-critical activities can be shown as critical are also reviewed.

Delay costs represent the most significant cost of construction claims. Methods of pricing contractor direct, indirect, and impact costs are presented. A discussion of liquidated damages; how they are determined and applied, and stipulating liquidated damages versus actual damages in contract forms are also presented. AIA and the EJCDC contract forms are supplied and referenced. Presentations on how delays are substantiated by using CPM scheduling techniques and applying the principles are discussed in the seminar. Claim awareness includes a review of liability and the duties of the parties, inspections and acceptance, progress and final payment, project documentation, and methods for dispute resolution.

Contract language enhancements addressing owners’ and contractors’ rights and responsibilities concerning delays and related issues are presented and discussed throughout the seminar.

Each participant receives a comprehensive textbook prepared by ACM that includes standard contract forms.

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