Planning and Scheduling

Let ACM simplify the complex.


  • Planning is the most important function on projects
  • It avoids the consequences of priority crises and over-capacity resources

ACM’s effectively managed projects rely on scope definition with resource assignments.  ACM assists by developing a project Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) and an Organization Breakdown Structure (OBS) merging the two reports into a Responsibility Assignment Matrix (RACI/RAM) report clearly defining all work and responsible resources.  ACM professionals facilitate the scope and responsibility assignment from conceptual development through turnover and operations. Planning is key to minimizing risk and maintaining schedule and budget.

Planning Involves:

    • Research
    • Analysis
    • Communicating Plans
    • Developing Scope Items
    • Defining work activities, durations, costs, and resources
    • Developing and examining logical relationships with the resources required to complete the work
    • Motivation and successfully communicating to accomplish project goals

ACM simplifies the complex.


Schedules must be verified for adequacy, completeness, and logical relationships.  Planning is a key step in that process.

ACM’s Experience Includes:

  • Developing precedence diagramming reports to examine networks and identify critical paths
  • CPM Scheduling and reporting
  • Cost and resource-loaded activities to provide a basis for cash flow analysis and resource allocation requirements
  • Performance measurement to assure project activities are accomplished to meet time and budget requirements