Construction Delay Claims

ACM is recognized by many, including, owners, contractors, and subcontractors and their legal teams, to provide a professional objective assessment of issues delaying project completion.

ACM’s Extensive Experience Results in:

  • Recognizing and resolving disputes early in the process;
  • Assessing project documentation and issues’ related documents;
  • Analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of disputed issues;
  • Receiving objective findings and recommendations on how to proceed;
  • Assessing and discussing a cost/benefit analysis with counsel and client.

ACM’s Experience Entails:

  • Unraveling complex construction issues;
  • Presenting complex issues in simple and concise concepts;
  • Consistent and proven approach for both defense of and preparation for a construction delay claim;
  • Objective research before negotiations or proceedings;
  • Delay impact and cost assessment on contract dates;
  • Damage calculations, including loss of efficiencies, extended general conditions, and overheads.

Image courtesy of Dale Fisher.

Through arbitration, mediation, and litigation preparation ACM:

  • Isolates and assesses counter issues;
  • Determines strengths and weaknesses of opposing position;
  • Prepares for proceedings with consistent approach and commitment;
  • Prepares and presents analytical process and conclusions in testimony;
  • Assists litigation management in planning strategies for defense;
  • Establishes client’s position, case status, progress of expert witness efforts, and use of resources.

ACM’s value in multiple litigation proceedings exceed 100:1 return on investment.  ACM’s record stands on the savings experienced by clients.