ACM is proud to be a highly-respected and successful leader in the industry of project management and cost estimating consultants. Clients say great things about their experience with ACM professionals. ACM is eager to share best practices with those who attend ACM’s training courses.

A Major Investor-Owned Utility Company

“ACM has good people….a good work ethic, good character, good attention to detail, and keeps their heads down with appropriate comments while cranking out the work.” (Gas Pipeline Project Manager)

United States Military

“I must say that the presentations were excellent – your team did a great job.  That was a lot of good info; I am planning to work with our district project managers on this.” (Regional Program Manager, United States Army Corps of Engineers)

Automotive Manufacturer

“It has been a joy to work with ACM. Your attention to details, approach to running meetings, and timeliness with deliverables has all been excellent.  I would not hesitate to recommend ACM to anyone.” (Engineering Manager, Automotive OEM)

A Midwest Utility

“I thoroughly enjoy having ACM as part of the team.”

(Program Office Supervisor, Midwest Utility)

Chicago Based Real Estate Investment Trust

“Thank you very much for your time and attention to this project.  We were impressed by the quality of the bid analysis by ACM, your concern for our satisfaction with the process, and that it yields a finished product of high quality.  We look forward to the commencement of the work.”  (Director, Chicago Based Real Estate Investment Trust)

Attorney Client

“I just returned from the Court of Claims to handle the entry of the settlement Consent Judgment.  I wanted to write and tell ACM that I sincerely appreciate all of your hard work in this case.  Simply put, ACM produced world class work, often under trying circumstances, that was instrumental in the successful resolution of this case.  Again, thanks.”  (Attorney, Large Midwest Law Firm)

Architect Client

“While defending the contract documents with both firmness and grace, ACM provided a prime point of contact with both the University and the Construction Manager on this large and complex project, often under trying circumstances, was consistently fair, honest, and helpful at all times.  As a result, ACM earned the respect of the entire project team.  Any serious office would be well served to have ACM as a field representative.”  (Architect)

A Municipal Utility

“ACM’s professionalism and passion has never wavered even in some of the most heated discussions and expectations.  ACM is always welcome to assist our group in the future.”  (Project Leader, A Municipal Utility)

A Fortune 500 Company

“ACM, thanks for your input and fine work.  You added much value to the team, so we could hit forecasted cash flow….we value your accuracy and timeliness greatly.  Thanks very much.”  (Manager, A Fortune 500 Company)

A Fortune 500 Company

“ACM, thank you for your leadership, technical expertise and dedication in the success of this project.  As with many projects, it requires special talents and a tremendous amount of dedication to ensure success.  I, as well as the entire team, recognize that we could not accomplish projects without experts such as yourselves.” (Senior Project Manager, A Fortune 500 Company)

“I’m writing to extend my appreciation for the extraordinary job that ACM has provided over the past year. ACM came in, learned our systems and performed beyond my expectation and has given time to the community which doesn’t usually happen that often.” (Project Controls Supervisor, Midwest Utility)

“…ACM is doing a FANTASTIC job. ACM is engaged helping improve cost reporting. Very proactive, works well with people.” (Manager, Midwest Utility)

“ACM worked long and hard to achieve the results and gave me more than I expected, and has earned our respect and it was a pleasure to have them work with us. We shall not hesitate to call on ACM again should the need arise. I can certainly recommend ACM to others needing similar support.” (Project Controls Manager, Mineral & Mining Company)