Construction Claims Delay Analysis Workshop – 2 Day


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This two-day workshop presents a thorough overview of delay claims including contractual responsibilities, effective techniques to analyze and assess a delay claim, delay damages, and methods of resolution and settlement. It is recommended attendees take the Construction Claims: Contract Changes, Construction Delays, Claims Awareness as a prerequisite for this course.

This course is centered on a comprehensive and interactive demonstrative case study in which the attendees analyze project delay situations. The techniques are presented from an after-the-fact analysis perspective; however, the basic principles and techniques prove useful in evaluating time impacts during the execution of a project. To ensure the involvement of the attendees, the course begins with a presentation of contract and delay fundamentals. Attendees are introduced to the various methods for delay analysis (windows, but-for, as-planned v. as-built, etc); explore what information is required for claims analysis and how to review claims; and how to prepare for claim resolution. This interactive workshop also includes an examination of the various “times” when a delay claim is submitted, which documents a contractor should provide when requested, and the documents an owner should have. The group will discuss the types of issues that would result in a request for a change in time; identify the types of substantiation and where it could be found; and examine how the delay would be quantified and what impact it could have on unchanged work.

Techniques will be practiced through a series of group problems and participants can apply the information to their present projects. Each participant receives a comprehensive workbook prepared by ACM.

ACM offers quantity discounts, please contact ACM for 4 or more attendees.

Registration for this course is now closed. It will be available for Fall 2022 registration by late August. Please contact if you would like to purchase group training before the schedule is released online.

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