Project Portfolio


Industry: Automotive CAPEX

Services: Project Management, Owner Project Representation

Duration:  5 Years

Large Administration Building Renovation

CHALLENGE:  An Automotive OEM experienced peak expenditures short term in their CAPEX program; beyond in-house capacity. They sought to engage experienced industrial and commercial project management support and interviewed five companies. ACM was selected as one of two companies for support.

SOLUTION:  ACM supported the Big 3 Automotive OEM in:

  • Providing leadership for the project and to the team;
  • Assisting in the selection of design consultants, architect, and construction contractors;
  • Coordinating the consultants, architects, and contractors tasks;
  • Reviewing and commenting on the work product and deliverables of the consultants, architect, and contractors;
  • Overseeing, managing and reporting on cost controls;
  • Resolving schedule, cost, and quality control when appropriate;
  • Monitoring schedule compliance;
  • Reviewing and recommending solutions for constructability with appropriate change orders;
  • Communicating status with project stakeholders and customers.

Project Representation/Project Management for:

Powertrain Engineering Building: $58M; 430,000 SF

Powertrain Building Renovation: $8.5M; 450,000 SF

Powertrain Headquarter Renovation: $28M; 255,000 SF

Product Climate Test Facility: $52M; 120,000 SF

Vehicle Emmissions Certificiation Test Facilitiy: $49M; 100,000 SF.

(225R, 405, 225)