Project Portfolio


Implementation of Total Cost Management for FAA’s Safety and Environmental Compliance Unit

Industry: Transportation | Environment  | Government

Duration: 10 years


Consulting (Management)
Cost Estimating
Project Management
Disaster Recovery

ACM was selected and retained for to its technical experience, knowledge of AACE’s Total Cost Management (TCM) industry applications, and management of environmental projects to support the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) due to a series of environmental and natural disasters in Hawaii, Guam, California and Nevada.  Originally a three-month subcontract, ACM’s expertise evolved the work into a five-year Indefinite Delivery Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) direct contract with an additional four-year support subcontract.  Implementing the five elements of TCM and project management, ACM performed the following:

  • Certified cost estimates for airway facility maintenance and repair
  • Development of TCM and project management training
  • Natural disaster damage assessments and facility recovery plans
  • Standardization of the cost estimating process
  • Cost and schedule controls services
  • Cost analysis for disaster recovery
  • Cost and value improvement
  • Tracking, reporting, and progress planning on environmental and safety compliance programs
  • Expenditure analysis for funding appropriations
(210, 237, 267, 308A, 407)
Certified Cost Estimating

ACM developed a standardized procedure to perform cost estimating for the natural disaster damage to FAA’s Airport and Airway Facilities.  The standardized cost estimating template was developed and distributed for the FAA Disaster Recovery Team’s use.  The cost template utilized commonly observed damaged items with formulas for quick calculation of total costs based on measurable units of damage, and the cost calculations included markup percentages for overheads, contingency, location, engineering, and project management.  AACE International’s Total Cost Management (TCM) standards and practices were used for estimate certification.  These estimates were included in the DOT/FAA disaster recovery program plans.


ACM conducted a series of half-day and 1-hour seminars to government staff and contractors regarding Total Cost Management (TCM) and effective project management techniques and tools.

ACM developed and provided training presentations/seminars, developed and provided TCM training in accordance with the FAA Job Centered Training protocols; prepared and conducted emergency preparedness and disaster recovery exercises; prepared and conducted formal TCM presentations and briefings for FAA senior managers; prepared and conducted CCP preparatory classes for FAA personnel; and coordinated FAA prepared technical papers for publication in AACE Technical Journal.  ACM served as a liaison to AACE, coordinating FAA/AACE meetings and technical reviews; attended AACE meetings, represented Airways – Western Pacific (AWP) positions, concerns, and strategies; and assisted in day-to-day integration of TCM philosophies into the Environmental and Safety Compliance programs.

Deliverables included the preparation and presentation of:

  • Fifteen, 4-hour seminars on the TCM protocols and processes
  • Six, 5-day courses on the application of TCM principles
  • Thirty, 1-hour overview presentations
  • Five, 1-hour briefings on preparation of technical papers for AACE
  • Five, 1-hour briefings on the CCP certification process
  • TCM implementation progress report for AACE consumption