Project Portfolio


Industry: Industrial Manufacturing

Services:  Project Management, Planning and Scheduling

Duration: 2 months

Estimated Cost: $4,500,000

Hot Strip Mill Outage

CHALLENGE: Execute a planned eight (8) day outage at the steel manufacturer’s 80” Hot Strip Mill.


ACM provided resource loaded CPM scheduling and reporting to support the 8-day outage and finished work on time as planned with the following outcomes:

  • Validated the scope against the master scope document and input labor and equipment resources into CPM schedule application
  • Integrated key outage milestones into the CPM schedule
  • Communicated and reported to the outage leadership team indicating the critical path and near critical path work activities, as well as variance from key outage milestones
  • Facility Management Team resolved delay and poor variance performance
  • Prioritized work for critical limited resources, particularly overhead cranes
  • Prepared daily executive reports and overall outage report
  • Detailed the lessons learned for outage team and supported continuous improvement

The outage was only four (4) hours past the target end date and time.  This was a considerable improvement from the last outage which was several days behind schedule.