Project Portfolio


Industry: Healthcare Institution

Services: Planning and Scheduling

Duration: 6 months

Estimated Cost: $1,158,000

University Cancer Hospital 9th and 11th Floor Renovation

CHALLENGE:  In an operating hospital, the client needed to move urgent care from the 9th to 11th floor.

SOLUTION: ACM conducted independent CPM scheduling and analysis services and reporting to facilitate non-disruptive floor renovations and operating segments’ move.

ACM worked with the team to:

  • Develop individual resource project schedules and merged files to create the master project schedule;
  • Ensure that project schedules were organized and coded consistent with project nomenclature to facilitate efficient updates;
  • Enhance logical relationships between individual contractors’ activities based on contract documents and comments from contractors;
  • Submit individual and project schedule update drafts to contractors for comment;
  • Incorporate changes and comments into the updated schedule;
  • Provide two-week look ahead schedules and update the project schedule monthly;
  • Report on the relationship of new and previous schedule highlighting effects had on the schedule.