Time Impact Analysis Using MSP – 1 Hour

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Lunch & Learn Webinar — Similar to PMI®, AACE International (AACE), has repeatable processes which result in best practice project management. One such recommended practice is 52R-06, which lays out practices for incorporating a major change into a project schedule. At a recent project management related professional meeting, the PhD in the room said, “Just compare the changed work to the baseline”. This could not be a more erroneous method to use. AACE’s recommended practice of Time Impact Analysis is a scheduling technique used to assess and quantify the effects of an unplanned event or change. This technique is forward looking and considers current progress, either ahead or behind schedule. If you are a contractor or an engineer involved with a team for performance on any item, and the project is changed due to the customer’s needs or unseen conditions, you and your team will benefit greatly from understanding how to realistically present the impact of the change. If you are a project owner, you and your team should be aware of this technique to best represent the project’s needs and manage the work.

This informative lunch and learn is an excerpt from ACM’s Planning and Scheduling Basics to Advanced two-day seminar.

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