January 17, 2019

Estimating / Cost Engineering

Need help with cost estimates or reconciling cost reports?

Design Estimates include the following:

  • Conceptual (order of magnitude)…for budget planning.
  • Opinion of Probable Construction Costs…at graduated levels of document improvement; 30%, 60%, and 90% intervals,
  • Statement of Probable Construction Costs…design detail ranges from 70-100% with an accuracy level estimate of plus or minus 10%.
  • Definitive / Bid Check (for commercial, industrial & institutional projects).
  • Conventional labor, and material methods and practices


ACM provides independent reconciliation estimating services. Cost Engineering Services include Budget base lining and tracking costs and cost performance against budgets including:

  • Cash Flow Forecasting;
  • Performance Measurement;
  • Change Order Estimates; and
  • Fixed Asset Management.


Cost Engineering provides support for managing changes:

  • Estimates of bulletins aid in negotiations;
  • Construction disciplines are estimated separately;
  • Apply knowledge of current building trades’ labor agreements in different localities.

"ACM, thanks for your input and fine work.  You added much value to the team, so we could hit forecasted cash flow….we value your accuracy and timeliness greatly.  Thanks very much."  (Manager, A Fortune 500 Company)


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