January 17, 2019

Project Management

What can an independent project manager bring to your project?

The advantage of engaging a consultant for project management oversight is to obtain a necessary, but often overlooked, independent advisory service.

Without project management oversight, potential problem areas commonly go unreported until they can no longer be reconciled with project objectives. To make matters worse, crucial problem area information is often not adequately documented by the architect/engineer or contractor. This, of course, weakens the position pertaining to claims litigation or arbitration.

Historically, cost and schedule overruns commonly exceed 20% of target cost and target completion. In addition, awards resulting from claims litigation commonly exceed 10% of total project cost. The cost of retaining ACM as your project management oversight consulting firm throughout the life of a project is typically less than 3% of total project cost.

The project management overseer serves as an extension of the staff to ensure proper project management. Periodic written evaluations of the project cost and control schedule program, project quality program, and project management effectiveness are provided. Management oversight is responsible for assessing the implementation of management functions as they relate to the project objectives.

As part of the oversight function, ACM evaluates procedures and the information flow process; reviews contract documents and verifies contractor conformance; and appraises contract change order monitoring techniques. A thorough written assessment of the project management information system is provided. Effective management oversight begins during the conceptual design phase of a project and continues through substantial completion and beneficial occupancy.

Engaging an independent project management oversight consultant such as ACM is the best possible way to minimize schedule delays, reduce cost overruns, improve project quality, and alleviate construction claims.

"ACM, thank you for your leadership, technical expertise and dedication in the success of this project.  As with many projects, it requires special talents and a tremendous amount of dedication to ensure success.  I, as well as the entire team, recognize that we could not accomplish projects without experts such as yourselves."  (Senior Project Manager, A Fortune 500 Company)

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